BIMxDB v0.0.2 Published – Store Revit Data in SQLite Database

To supplement the BIMxHTML Dynamo package, I published a second package called BIMxDB. This package will contain several custom nodes for exporting Revit data to different types of databases.

For now, my focus is SQLite and the current node that is in the package is Export.SQLite.ParameterData.TimeStamped. This custom node creates a table in the SQLite  database specified as an input.

The table is named with the Model Category (input #1) and suffixed with a time stamp in Unix time format (e.g., Ducts_1503598277.39).

Revit data in SQL database
Example of SQLite database as exported from the BIMxDB node.

I see this type of workflow being useful when plotting line charts  of quantities over time or comparing changes between model versions. I will be using this on my next project, so stay tuned for a case study!

Sample Files

In the sample below, a simple graph demonstrates the usage of the node by taking a single model category’s elements and exporting all parameter data to SQLite.

Using Dynamo to track changes (131 downloads)