Dynamo Workflow to change Sheet Initials and Name Parameters

Dynamo Workflow: Change your sheet parameters with one click.


If you’ve submitted drawings using Revit sheets in the past, you’ve undoubtedly run into the issue where some of your “Checked by” and “Designed by” parameters say “Author”. As far as I know, there is no easy way to change them all globally from within Revit.

I’ve created a simply Dynamo Workflow that will change all of these sheet parameters in a batch. This is a great Workflow for beginners because it is so simple and easy to follow and dissect.

In the future, I will further breakdown the workflow to help beginners understand exactly what Dynamo is doing when this Workflow is run.

Sheet-Initials.dyn.zip (332 downloads)

  • Mark

    Worked perfectly! Thank you J.R.!

    • J.

      You’re welcome! I’m glad it helped you out.

  • Sean Spence

    I want to take your concept one step further, And its kicking my butt! brand new to dynamo. Your post was the inspiration to get started. I would like to filiter the “Approved By” to contain “Approver”
    Simply, if its already been filled out, I don’t want the dynamo script to change whats already there. but if the default value is there, proceed.
    Any insights?

    • J.

      Yes, you would need to use the Filter By Boolean Mask node and check if the sheet parameter == null (or is it None?). Does that make sense?

  • Johnathon Cook

    Awesome script, I would also like to take it a step further and break it up by discipline if possible. For example Approved might be different for Mechanical and Electrical sheets. Any idea how to accomplish this? Im a newbie so any advice is welcome!

    • J.

      You would need to use the Filter By Boolean Mask node. Perhaps you could get the list of sheets and then filter by the first character in the sheet number, so all of the Mx.xx sheets are returned in a list separate from the Ex.xx. Let me know if you need help with this and I can make some time to modify this script.