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Linked Mechanical IFC Model Into Revit; Can’t See Ductwork

Tonight (yes, I am working on a Friday night), I ran into a new issue that I thought the community might be interested in. I linked an IFC into Revit which was exported from AutoCAD MEP.

The issue is, I could not see any of the duct.

Autodesk posted a solution to the problem that unfortunately did not work for me. After a little experimenting, I discovered that if you switch to a reflected ceiling plan view, the duct work from the IFC was visible in my view.

Hope this helps somebody someday!

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) Defined

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format was developed by buildingSMART®. The format maintains standards to import and export BIM elements and their parameters between software platforms. In many ways, an IFC is like an intelligent version of a DXF.

The IFC Wiki defines IFC as:

The Industry Foundation Classes IFC specification is a neutral data format to describe, exchange and share information typically used within the building and facility management industry sector. IFC is the international standard for openBIM and registered with the International Standardization Organization ISO as ISO16739.

The NBS defines IFC as:

IFC is an industry-wide open and neutral data format that is fast becoming the de-facto standard for rich data exchange.

IFC is clearly defined on Wikipedia as well:

It is a platform neutral, open file format specification that is not controlled by a single vendor or group of vendors. It is an object-based file format with a data model developed by buildingSMART (formerly the International Alliance for Interoperability, IAI) to facilitate interoperability in the architecture, engineering and construction(AEC) industry, and is a commonly used collaboration format in Building information modeling (BIM) based projects.

Professor Arto Kiviniemi (University of Liverpool) and Barie Hasib (BIM REC) Present The True Meaning of Open BIM

An excellent webinar by Professor Arto Kiviniemi from the University of Liverpool. In this session, Professor Kiviniemi discusses the concepts of data sharing with BIM. He covers how building designs are currently exchanged, how the industry theorizes it will be exchanged, and his views on the reality of how building information model data will be exchanged in the future.